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Doxygen Fenced Code Block

; Ways to structure the contents of a comment block such that the output looks good, as explained in section Anatomy of a comment block.This makes it easy to add a simple code example, like this: ~~~~~{.Cpp} void doSomething() { } ~~~~~ When I try to add comments into the fenced code block using two forward slashes, Doxygen seems to remove the slashes.Fenced code blocks are like Markdown’s regular code blocks, except that they’re not indented and instead rely on a start and end fence lines to delimit the code block.A fenced code block does not require indentation, and is defined by a pair of "fence lines" Doxygen yields warning: Invalid list item found and does not parse the code block as such (in HTML everything is outputted including the ~).// code within indented code block auto test = std::shared_ptr.Here is an example: This is a paragraph introducing: ~~~~~ a one-line code block ~~~~~ By default.Such a line consists of 3 or: more tilde (~) characters on a line.So would be nice to have 2 examples: XML; YAML.Can you also give a small example of a XML fenced code block?In previous versions this was working (tested with v1.The end of the block should have the same number of tildes Many makdown renderes that supports PlantUML, requires the PlantUML code to be inside a clode block/fence to work.Another feature defined by "Markdown Extra" is support for fenced code blocks:.It might be that this some side effect from something else and only some words are highlighted.Root", "recreate"); Longer code blocks can done with fenced lines consisting of 3 or more tilde (~) characters on a line.For more complex tables in doxygen please have a look at: Including tables Fenced Code Blocks.The end of the block should have the: same number of tildes.This is further detailed in the next section.Simple code blocks are documented by indenting the code 4 spaces.2 [jessie])) fenced code blocks: A fenced code block does not require indentation, and is: defined by a pair of "fence lines".The code block start with a line containing three or more tilde ~ characters, and ends with the first line with the same number of tilde ~ This chapter covers two topics: How to put comments in your code such that doxygen incorporates them in the documentation it generates.~~~ But doxygen will show this like a regular code block without language syntax, and does not render the diagram:.~~~plantuml @startuml class Test @enduml!For cpp it is clear doxygen fenced code block here the doxygen code coloring is used (like it is for other languages as supported by doxygen fenced code block doxygen).

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doxygen fenced code block doxygen fenced code block

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doxygen fenced code block